Writing air force achievement medal

All Marine Corps awards require a detailed Summary of Action. Be specific and write an objective summary, providing examples of the performance and the manner in which it was accomplished, together with the results and benefits derived. The amount of detail and supporting documentation required depends upon the circumstances and the nature of the award being recommended.

Writing air force achievement medal

We need more examples. Contributions may be shared by pasting into the form below or by e-mailing editor airforcewriter. That single document, the AF Formaffects your chances for promotion, your pay, your assignment options, and your entire future in the military.

We care more about doing our share than about trying to make ourselves look better than our peers. You have to take care of yourself. A lot depends on it. But using the materials provided on our EPR page should make the job a lot easier.

Submitting someone for a medal is one of the easiest yet most effective things a supervisor can do. Not only do you get to express your appreciation for someone who deserves it, the person who was recommended is ecstatic that someone recognized their efforts and took the time to make the recommendation.

And the promotion points are an added bonus. All that needs to be done is to fill in the details. So far, we have basic instructions for preparing the most commonly awarded medals and quite a few examples of properly written citations.

More on Air Force Awards and Decorations At the lower end of the recognition spectrum is the humble Letter of Appreciation.

writing air force achievement medal

Although widely considered less meaningful than an Achievement Medal or other decoration because of the promotion points, a Letter of Appreciation can still be very effective!

Letters of Appreciation can have just as much or even more impact as decorations. After all, Letters of Appreciation are awarded for genuine accomplishments which is not always the case with medals. I strongly endorse the use of Letters of Appreciation as a recognition tool.

For examples and format, see our Air Force Letter of Appreciation examples. We write solid EPRs, express our gratitude in Letters of Appreciation, or submit deserving members for medals.

But how do we deal with bad behavior? There are a range of disciplinary options available but the most common and useful tool for this purpose is the Air Force Letter of Counseling. More info on the Air Force Letter of CounselingThe following Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM) for outstanding achievement example has been taken from a Word Doc.

If needed some location and mission information has been changed to protect myself and the people I have received the package from. The Air Force Achievement Medal. The Air Force Achievement Medal (AFAM) is awarded to any member of the United States or foreign Armed Forces, on active duty or inactive reserve, who distinguishes himself or herself by outstanding achievement or meritorious service.

Five different versions of the Achievement Medal are awarded: one for Joint Service, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard. How to write and submit an Air Force Commendation Medal and get it approved.

Instructions, examples, citation narrative examples for the masses. William H. McRaven was born in Pinehurst, North Carolina. His father, a career Air Force officer, was stationed at Pope Air Force Base, now known as Pope Field, part of Fort Bragg.

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