Top down listening activities

The terms top down and bottom up refer to ways in which someone might process a listening text.

Top down listening activities

Top down listening activities

Active Listening Activities Practicing the active listening activities on this page will lead you to improve your communication skills and connect with others in unexpected ways. Active Listening skills call for quieting the mind and engaging fully in what is going on around you.

The following active listening activities are ordered by the level of skill required, so start from the top and work your way down the list.

Spend more time on the level that challenges you until you can master it.

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Activity 1 Find a place where you can be alone. Start listening to all the sounds around you, identify them one after another. Humming sounds, noises, traffic and any other sounds that come your way. When you notice how your thoughts may start drifting away from the sounds, shift your attention back to the sounds.

Keep doing this until you can stay focused on sounds for a minute or longer.

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The point of this activity is to exert control on how you focus and shift your attention at will. The point of this activity is to be able to control how you focus any and all of your senses, which in turn sharpens your ability to listen. The next meeting you attend, try the following: You can try paraphrasing or reflecting what people say - if appropriate.

Well, not exactly, you first listen, then talk, then listen, then talk.

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You switch back and forth between talking and listening. Instead, try focusing on the message and each person in the audience. Being able to both talk and listen is the mark of a master communicator.

This ability will give you access to understanding people and connecting with them in very powerful ways. Where do you want to go next?Remember the pre-listening process should not last longer than the actual listening activity. The learners' proficiency is also a factor to consider.

The activities should not be too demanding, otherwise the students will lose their interests. Conclusion Top-down processing is very important in . Top-down processing of language happens when someone uses background information to predict the meaning of language they are going to listen to or read.

Rather than relying first on the actual words or sounds (bottom up), they develop expectations about what they will hear or read, and confirm or reject these as they listen or read. Top-down processing is thought to be an effective way of.

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Top down listening activities

Top-down strategies focus on the ‘big picture’ and the general meaning of a listening text. We use our background knowledge of a topic and our expectations of what we might hear to help us understand or fill in .

The same activities that produce the majority of your results are the very same things that trigger you to procrastinate.

Active Listening Activities to Improve Communication Skills