Rhetorical analysis of a more perfect union speech by obama

Often, though, an introductory quote serves more to set context, to be a background for what is to come. In other words, the speech itself will be a variation on a theme, a theme made aphoristic by the quote. Here however, as we discover as the speech progresses, Obama does something different.

Rhetorical analysis of a more perfect union speech by obama

You may compare two texts if you wish.

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Throughout the relatively short history of The United States there are several examples of racism and colonialism, beginning in the 16th century, with the French and British colonization and mass killing of the natives in North America.

Continuing, up to the modern prejudice against people with a different cultural background or skin colour than individuals from the vast family tree of white colonists.

The speech captured great media attention by using valid social and historical arguments, several personal experiences and showing strong emotions that could relate to people familiar with the racial prejudice and the social challenges in the United States.

He addresses certain issues that could weaken his position as a presidential candidate, aiming towards the comments from his reverent Jeremiah Wright, about the challenges that faces African Americans in their society.

He presents his perspective on the constitution with an ongoing thought, that there may not be possible to form a perfect union, but a more perfect one. By having a critical view on the idea of creating a perfect union, he shows that now is the time to be realistic.

And so, we already see hints of arguments and some rhetorical development in his speech. He 2 continues by approaching the racial problems that still has an enormous effect on the modern life of the African-Americans. The constitution document that was first signed in 4 by several white leaders, was stained by the nations slave history.

At that time, the United States was divided by the north and the south based on different values, which led to the civil war in However, the strong racism against people with a different background or more specific their skin colour would not end, and sadly still goes up to this day.

Also, how difficult it is for a person with an African-American background to succeed in the daily life. These outbursts were not taken into consideration that the new Presidential candidate was from his own church, culture and similar ethnicity.

This were one of the reasons that lead to Barack Obama creating this argumentative and emotional speech. Continuing, he reminds us that the lack of economic opportunity amongst the poor African- Americans, in addition to the poor white society, has been build up the last century to a point where a sort of spiral effect has occurred.

As a result of this spiral effect, the people who live in these poor communities, have a difficult time developing from their community and values. He relates to challenges with the welfare system, the lack of basic services, and the economic discrimination of the middle-class of the population.

Therefore, he could gain credibility and optimism within several cultures and reach a bigger part of the middle-class population. The United States today is one of the most modern and diverse cultural countries, based on their somewhat varied values and history.

He brilliantly uses ethos and pathos by explaining his own background and by uses personal experiences. Obama speaks to the audience about the story of his black father from Kenya and his white mother from Kansas. He describes that he comes from a mixed middle-class family, and also lived in some of the poorest nations on earth.

Obama shares how he has worked hard to raise and educate himself beyond the stereotypical expectations 3 and culture he comes from.No one can argue about the legacy of Jim Crow or the pitfalls of slavery, and employing that logic throughout "A More Perfect Union" gave Obama the perfect platform on which to propose his solution: we can't ignore racial inequality any longer.

Rhetorical Analysis of “A More Perfect Union” Speech The speech titled “A More Perfect Union” was delivered by Senator Barack Obama on March 18, near the historical site of the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A Rhetorical Analysis of "A More Perfect Union" by Barack Obama By Rachel Bernstein, Claire Linn, and Erin Martinez Obama, Barack.

"A More Perfect Union" Philadelphia, PA. 18 Mar. Speech. Wright, Jeremiah. "Confusing God and Government" Sermon. Chicago, IL.

13 Apr. Rhetorical Analysis Essay “A More Perfect Union”: Obama, Race, and the Necessity to Unite. Philadelphia, March Neither that city nor year suggests a crucial event in American racial history.

It’s not Birmingham in , or Washington, D.C. in Transcript of Obama Speech Rhetorical Analysis. Obama, Barack H. "Remarks of Senator Barack Obama "A More Perfect Union"" Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rhetorical analysis of a more perfect union speech by obama

18 Mar. Speech. "Obama Speech on Race at the National Constitution Center." Obama Speech on Race at the National Constitution Center. Write a rhetorical analysis of either Oliver Twist, “I have a Dream”, “Bullet or the Ballot” or “A More Perfect Union”.

You may compare two texts if you wish. 1 An influential and persuasive speech; a rhetorical analysis on Barack Obama`s “A More Perfect Union”.

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