Protect endangered animals essay

This is because the benefits of the endangered species to human beings far outweigh the need to protect jobs and economies. I do not agree with the argument that we should not protect these species because they cause unemployment.

Protect endangered animals essay

Did you know that analysis of data studying African forests elephants over a nine-year period between revealed a population decline by sixty-five percent?

A version of this article appeared on A Peaceful Living. One of the largest extinction drivers is habitat loss caused by humans. Habitat loss could be caused by urban development, clearing land for agricultural development soy for livestock or space to graze livestock, for exampleor forest cleared to harvest a resource like palm oil or minerals.

In parts of Indonesia, massive swaths of bio-rich forests are being cleared and slashed and burned, at an alarming rate, to supply demand to the palm oil industry. Among the many organisms who call this disappearing ecosystem home, perhaps the most notable is the incredibly intelligent, and endangered orangutan.

Palm oil is effectively destroying their homes, so with no place to go or food to forage, these animals are dying of starvation. That their homes are putting orangutans in closer proximity to humans also leads to baby orangutans being stolen for the pet trade.

To read more about palm oil and living palm-oil free visit Selva Beat. Habitat loss can also lead to pocketing, in which a habitat becomes so fragmented that a particular species essentially becomes trapped and has nowhere to go or find food. Again, this leads to more frequent encounters with humans as animals who have no other place to go can wander into a populated area, trample or consume crops, and find themselves in conflict with humans.

Stories of this occurring to elephants in Africa or Tigers in the Sundarbans are common and unfortunate. Other major extinction drivers include global warming, invasive species, and overexploitation i. So, what can we do as individuals?

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If there is a market for it, there will be a supply — even if the supply is sourced and traded illegally. The illegal wildlife trade thrives because there is a market to support it. You may think that purchasing an ornately carved elephant tusk or trying out the local delicacy that happens to include ingredients sourced from an endangered species while on vacation is no cause for concern because the damage has already been done—but you are directly feeding demand.

Never patronize tourist attractions or carnivals and circuses that use wild animals. There are many scenarios in which one might find themselves presented with the opportunity to interact with a wild animal or see one perform — a traveling circus is perhaps the most common example.

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Also worth considering is a subset of the booming tourism industry in which attractions featuring wild animals have become increasingly popular. For example, one might see the myriad elephant trekking companies operating throughout South East Asia and think it would be a fun and unique way to explore the natural surroundings and connect with incredible creatures.

I understand the initial draw, but not only is it harmful to that particular elephant, it is harmful to the entire species. While some animals are bred in captivity to be used in entertainment and tourism industries, the majority are taken from the wild; overexploitation is a contributing factor to their decline.

Tigers, monkeys, elephants, and certain species of bears are especially at risk as they are among the most popularly used animals for entertainment purposes. Using wild animals as entertainment is fraught with enough problems to warrant its own discussion, but worth noting here is the educational component it imparts to younger generations.

The fate of endangered species rests, in part, in future generations desire to save them. The most glaring example of this is palm oil, which is a major contributing factor to the destruction of precious rainforest that is home to the orangutan, among other plants and animals.

Choosing not to buy products containing palm oil and asking brands to use alternatives sends a clear message.Essay on endangered species video. Posted on October 29, My admire essay strengths addiction to drugs essay nowadays correcting a essay dogs Essay protect environment goods My friend the best essay relative essay on protecting endangered animals introduction (job essay examples zulu) essays about myself for students journalism.

Home Essay Samples Endangered Species Act. for the Economy? Yes. This is because the benefits of the endangered species to human beings far outweigh the need to protect jobs and economies. the endangered forests are a source of rainfall, medicine, fruits etc. Endangered plants and animals also provide humans with a health ecosystem.

Protect endangered animals essay

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Order Now. Now that human can be aware of the danger the animals are facing, we should protect the habitats of endangered animals. Hunting ENDANGERED animals must be illegal to all countries and stopped. It is known as a fact that endangered animals have been dropping, and some are already been extinct.

We maybe can't save them all, but we can try. What Efforts are Being Taken to Protect Endangered Wildlife? December 6, December 7, by 10pagepapers This graduate school essay sample as well as any autobiography sample essay, research papers, reviews articles etc.

Protect endangered animals essay

are provided with educational purposes only. Top 10 ways to save wildlife. By. ShareAmerica - Mar 2, By not purchasing products made from endangered animals or their parts, you can stop wildlife trafficking from being a profitable enterprise. 7. You can help protect their natural habitat by recycling your cellphone.

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