Project on bldc motor control

Unlike other motors, the BLDC motors have three wires coming out of them and each wire forms its own phase thus given us a three phase Motor.

Project on bldc motor control

There are tons of references available online see below for some recommendations. I do however, include some diagrams and tables from my project that should assist you in your understanding.

Project on bldc motor control

Also, the configuration of the magnets for the Hall sensors was made really easy by using a magnet ring rotor from a second one of these motors See Step 4. To provide some rotational inertia on the motors and to give them a bit of a load to work against, I put 5 hard drive disks on the motor, lightly glued together and to the motor with a little superglue this made the flywheel in my original project.

If you are going to remove the motor from a hard drive, you will need a T8 torx driver to unscrew the casing often there are one or two screws in the center that are hidden behind a stick-on label as well as the internal screws that hold the motor in place.

You also need to remove the head reader a voice coil actuator so that you can remove the memory disks to get to the motor.

To pull the motor apart, I gripped the rotor top of the motor in a vise and then pried on the stator bottom with two screwdrivers degrees apart. You may want to build a set of wood v-blocks for this purpose. I drilled and bored a hole in the magnet ring on a lathe so it would fit snugly on top of the motor.

Inside the top half there the rotor are 8 poles magnets that are encased in plastic. On the bottom half the stator there are 12 slots windings.

Project on bldc motor control

Each of the three motor phases has 4 slots that are connected in series. Some HD motors have three contacts on the bottom, one for each phase, and have an extra one that is the center tap of the motor where the three phases meet.

If your motor has four contacts, you can identify the phases with an ohmeter. These are not too expensive and building one is a worthwhile experience. Note that the motors from this web site do not have Hall sensors.

It was a lot of work to write up this instructable. I hope you find it useful and please post your comments and suggestions.Associated Project: BLDC Closed-Loop Associated Part Family: CY8C24x33 The block diagram of BLDC motor control based on PSoC is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. BLDC Motor PSoC Controller 6 BLDC Motor A/D PWM Generator I / O I n State M achine 2 4 V D C I n p u t 5 / 1 2 V P o w e r s u p p l y M Shunt Resistor 6. May 04,  · BLDC Motor Control As part of my 3D printer project, one of the big electronics hurdles to overcome was a motor controller for a BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) motor.

Searching for a cheap, off the shelf controllers that would interface easily with a microcontroller turned up fruitless, so I took the opportunity to design my own .

The motors used in the project are small BLDCs. This instructable started out as a demonstration project in a class on real-time computing, and which I continued after the class ended. The idea for the project was to bldc motor control using arduino.

Sep 15,  · Therefore, we are attempting to control a BLDC motor by powering the 3 coils in the proper sequence with a set time delay between each phase. The proper way to control a BLDC motor is to either sense the back EMF or use Hall Effect sensors to determine the position of the rotor and energize the next coil at the perfect time.

Field Oriented Control For BLDC motor Post a Project Explore.

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Electrical Engineering Browse Top Electrical Engineers Hi, I am a control engineering expert and have a good experience in design, simulation and development of control systems. If you give me this project. Hello friends here is a proteus simulation of speed control of DC motor with the help of Pulse width modulation (PWM) control, PWM signals are generated by microcontroller..

As we have discussed earlier that proteus is a really good simulation software for beginners and is the most basic among all microcontroller so this can be a very good project of motor control if you are doing it.

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