Maya lin essay on vietnam memorial

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Maya lin essay on vietnam memorial

Early life[ edit ] Maya Lin was born in Athens, Ohio. Her parents had migrated to the United States from China, her father in and her mother inand settled in Ohio before Maya was born.

Growing up, she did not have many friends and stayed home a lot. She loved school and loved to study. When she was not studying, she took independent courses from Ohio University and spent her free time casting bronzes in the school foundry.

It was not until her 30s that she had a desire to understand her cultural background. Even the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is an earthwork. All of my work is about slipping things in, inserting an order or a structuring, yet making an interface so that in the end, rather than a hierarchy, there is a balance and tension between the man-made and the natural.

These issues are explored in what Lin calls her latest memorial, What Is Missing?. Lin also sits on the Natural Resources Defense Council board of trustees.

The design was initially very controversial for several reasons. It was an unconventional and non-traditional design for a war memorial.


Lin believes that if the competition had not been "blind," with designs submitted by name instead of number, she "never would have won. Prominent businessman and later third party presidential candidate Ross Perot called her an "egg roll" after it was revealed that she was Asian.

The Three Soldiersa bronze statue of a group of soldiers and an American flagwas placed off to one side of her design. Many argue that the memorial only honors the soldiers who lost their lives during the Vietnam Warand others believe that the color of the granite resembles disgust and sadness towards this specific war.

Yet, a foot-high flagpole and an 8-foot-high statue of three soldiers were added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to appease any external pressures. She has tried to focus less on how politics influences design and more on what emotions the space would create and what it would symbolize to the user.

Her belief in a space being connected and the transition from inside to outside being fluid, coupled with what a space means, has led her to create some very memorable designs. She has also worked on sculptures and landscape installations.

In doing so, Lin focuses on memorializing concepts of time periods instead of direct representations of figures, creating an abstract sculptures and installations.

She first imagines an artwork verbally to understand its concepts and meanings. She believes that gathering ideas and information is especially vital in architecture, which focuses on humanity and life and requires a well-rounded mind. That theme is shown in her art memorializing the changing environment and in charting the depletion of bodies of water.

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The initial idea of a memorial had come from a notice posted at the school announcing a competition for a Vietnam veterans memorial.

The class, which was on funereal architecture, had spent the semester studying how people, through the built form, express their attitudes toward death. About VVMF Based in Arlington, Virginia, VVMF (the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund) is the nonprofit organization authorized by the U.S.

Congress in to build a national memorial dedicated to all who served with the U.S. armed forces in the Vietnam War. Feb 02,  · This is the one page summary accompanying the then 21 years old American artist Maya Lin's submission for the public design competition for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which took place in Walking through this park-like area, the memorial appears as a rift in the earth, a long, polished.

Maya lin essay on vietnam memorial
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