Lecture 1 educational system in india

Gender inequality in India Secondary education covers children aged 12 to 18, a group comprising 8.

Lecture 1 educational system in india

The Education System in India

Select Page Education Speech We have provided below variety of speech on education for the students of different classes. Long and Short Speech on Education Education Speech 1 Good morning to the Excellencies, distinguished guests, my respected teachers, and my dear friends.

The topic of my speech is education. Through my speech, I would let you know all about the value of education and its contribution in our lives. Education is the tool which helps us in removing our all doubts and fears about all the challenges and happiness in our life. It is the tool keeps us happy and peaceful as well as makes us better socialize human beings.

Our teachers are like God for us who helps us all in getting good quality education from the institutions. They try their best to make us learn everything and shape us for the future challenges. Our teacher comes in our lives, removes all the darkness, removes all the fears, removes all the doubts, and helps us to find a beautiful career in this big world.

Education is not about to gain only knowledge, however it means, learning the ways to be happy, learning the way to keep others happy, learning the way to live in society, learning the way to tackle challenges, learning the way to help others, learning the way to care older, and learning the way how to behave others.

Lecture 1 educational system in india

My dear friends, education is like a healthy food which nourishes us both internally and externally. It makes us strong internally and gives lots of confidence by making our personality and giving us knowledge.

Good education is only way to remove bad habits, poverty, inequality, gender discrimination and so many social issues.

Education Speech 2 Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends. My dear friends, education is the tool which removes all the differences among us and makes us capable to go ahead together.

It makes our challenging paths of the life very easy to lead. Getting quality education is like yoga and meditation as it requires concentration, patience and dedication.

Lecture 1 educational system in india

Without education, there is no difference between human beings and animals. Education is a powerful tool capable to solve all the social, personal and family problems. It is like a medicine which has capability to treat almost all the diseases.

Getting education is not only means to get good job, it means to make a good personality, to be healthy and fit, to maintain hygiene, to be happy all time, to behave well to others, to tackle all challenges of life and so many.

Education is most important to all of us to lead a happy life. Earlier the education system in India was so poor and undisciplined. The kids of rich people were allowed to study however kids of poor people were not allowed to study in the same school or college.

Poor people were forced to do labour in the fields only, which was the main reason of discrimination among people in society, inequality, gender inequality, and lots of social issues because of the lack of good education.

Low level of education for poor people made them vulnerable to the economic and political exploitation in their own country. There has been made adequate provisions for the poor people in the Indian constitution in order to remove inequality and ensure the empowerment and participation of people of all levels equally.

The right for proper education is the birth right of everyone, restricting one from getting proper education is the crime. Education helps us to understand between good or bad, right or wrong and help us in taking decision in the favour of right ones.

It helps us in everything of wide range of problems. We can solve the mysteries of this universe. Education is like magic which helps us to learn all the magic to stay happily on this planet.

It keeps us free of all doubts, superstitions as well as removes away all the social evils affecting the society. Better educated people can safeguard their family and nation in more secure and easy way. Thank You Education Speech 3 Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends.

Today, at this great occasion, I would like to speech about the education and its values in our lives. Education means a lot to us, without education we are nothing. We get motivated towards the education from our childhood by our parents and from teachers when we start going to school.

Education is not only means to read, write or learn, it is the way to live positively and live life happily. It benefits everyone related to the person such as personal, family, neighbours, society, community and country.The report describes the system of education in India and the quality assurance system.

Chapter 1 introduces the administration of the school system and the organisation of primary, secondary and higher secondary education, while Chapter 2 . CURRICULUM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT by Prof.

rutadeltambor.comATHA PILLAI. DEFINITIONS OF CURRICULUM system. • An aggregate of courses of study in a school system. • Planned and unplanned concept, content, skills, education which began in the ’s and ’s as a.

Lecture 1 Educational System in India.

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Info. Embed. Mexican Educational System The Mexican Constitution, established in , outlined the necessity for public education, creating a definitive forum for addressing the educational needs of the country at the beginning of the century (Althaus 1). PROGRESS OF EDUCATION IN ANCIENT INDIAN EDUCATION REVIEW INTRODUCTION The education system which was evolved first in ancient India is known as the Vedic system of education.

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In other words, education in India. The education system of Vedic period has unique. Problems with Educational System in India.

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