Hair loss treatment essay

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Hair loss treatment essay

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss By: Foods that are high in iron, such as lean meats, are important for people with a known iron deficiency. It appears to interact with various sex hormones, including dihydrotestoseteron DHT.

Alopecia Areata & Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments, and Tips to Cope

DHT is produced from testosterone by enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. Like most enzymes, it can be inhibited.

Hair loss treatment essay

There has been great medical interest in substances that have the potential for inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, and thereby preventing or treating benign prostate hyperplasia. Theoretically, saw palmetto could have also be used to block DHT and prevent hair loss.

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Saw palmetto is believed to have a similar mechanism of action to the anti-androgenic drug finasteride Propeciawhich has been used in low doses for hair loss.

Folic acid, biotin, vitamin B5, para-aminobenzoic acid PABAand silica are supplements that may help maintain the color and thickness of hair.

Be sure to check your daily intake of zinc through supplements. Intake of 30 mg or higher for more than three months can induce a deficiency of copper, and low copper levels can result in hair loss.

Speak to a health practitioner before supplementing copper to avoid copper overdose. Aromatherapy The results of one research study suggest that the essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood mixed with an oil and applied on the areas of hair loss may stimulate hair growth.

This double blind, placebo-controlled study enrolled 84 people who who massaged either these essential oils or a non-treatment oil into their scalps each night for seven months.An effective hair loss treatment can proceed after indentifying the cause of hair loss. Hair loss is a condition affecting both men and women.

What is female pattern baldness?

There are several causes of hair loss. In men, hereditary factors play an important role in hair loss. Such a condition is termed as male pattern baldness or. Treatment for female pattern baldness can help prevent future hair loss and may result in regrowth of some hair.

In most cases, long-term treatment is needed to prevent hair loss from recurring. An effective hair loss treatment can proceed after indentifying the cause of hair loss.

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Hair loss is a condition affecting both men and women. There are several causes of hair loss. Join now to read essay Natural Treatments for Hair Loss Diet A diet that contains whole foods, particularly the outer skin of plants such as potatoes, cucumbers, green and red peppers, and sprouts can give strength to hair because they are rich in the mineral silica.

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Essay about The Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment - Ayurvedic hair loss treatment is a safe and natural mode of treatment. Hair loss is a common problem of today’s generation.

According to ayurveda, hair loss, balding and thinning hair results from excess of Pitta dosha in the body. Intake of excessive medicines, anemia, low blood circulation.

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