First aid type of wound

Background Generally, bleeding is of a minor nature and includes small cuts, grazes, etc.

First aid type of wound

Everybody, regardless of the level of their prepper status, ought to have a well-equipped first aid kit on hand. While there are plenty of fairly comprehensive first aid kits available for purchase, really good quality kits with plenty of supplies can get expensive.

There are kits out there that will cost you upwards of a couple hundred bucks. The solution to both of the above issues? A kit curated by you for your family, put together with items from your nearest dollar store.

Though we had a Dollar Tree store in the next town First aid type of wound before this one, the new store had a much better selection of medications and supplies, plus a great selection of containers both to keep the kit organized and to act as a storage case.

Basic First Aid Kit Supplies Gauze pads — Ideally both large and small so you can deal with whatever size injury comes your way Gauze roll — For injuries that need to be wrapped Adhesive bandages — Pick up several different sizes and be cautious of the type of materials used in construction if there are any allergies or sensitivities to latex or other adhesives.

Thermometer — A digital thermometer is an easy way to check body temperature. There are also instant heat and cool packs in my kit. Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer — Make sure hands are germ free before you begin first aid on yourself or someone else. Face masks — Reduce the risk of contracting or passing on airborne pathogens Elastic bandage — These are a great multipurpose, reusable item that has many uses, from splinting, to supporting pulled muscles, to acting as a pressure bandage for wounds.

Consider grabbing a couple, particularly if you have lingering joint injuries in your household. Scissors — For cutting tape or bandages Witch hazel — Gentle antiseptic that soothes skin; great for rashes or bug bites, cleansing small wounds, and general skin care.

St John guide to first aid for bleeding

Peroxide — For serious infection prevention and care, plus wound debridement Alcohol prep pads — For quick disinfection of skin or wounds but only use on open skin in a pinch, these will really sting!

Plastic boxes — These will be used to hold your kit, and the various components of the kit as well. An organized first aid kit is an effective first aid kit in an emergency situation. Candy or glucose tabs — If you have a diabetic in your household Essential oils — If you have any go-to EOs that you use for your family, consider storing small amounts in your first aid kit, as well as some carrier oil.

Sunscreen and aloe — If you live in an area where overexposure is common Epi-Pen or Benadryl — For severe allergies. Penlight — For carrying out first aid treatment in low light Related: Use a smaller lidded container for bandages, one for gauze, and one for medications to keep these items from getting wet in case of leaks.

Create simple labels for each container. You can even use a permanent marker like I did rather than more formal labels.

By utilizing discount stores like the Dollar Tree, you can create a well-stocked first aid kit for very little cash, leaving your family well-prepared and your bank account relatively unscathed.

EMT First-Aid Gel Dress the wound with a sterile pad, wrap, etc.
DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit - Ask a Prepper Classification[ edit ] According to level of contamination, a wound can be classified as:

You may also like:1 FIRST AID First Aid is the initial help given to a person who has suddenly suffered an injury or become ill. What is the role and responsibilities of a first aider? EMT First-Aid Gel.

First aid type of wound

Canine "First Aid Kit in a Tube" EMT Gel is the First Aid Kit in a Tube. Applied to a wound, EMT Gel helps reduce bleeding, seals off nerve endings to diminish pain and itching, and forms a protective barrier over the wound that reduces the chance of infection. But EMT Gel $ The five types of wounds are abrasion, avulsion, incision, laceration, and puncture.

An abrasion is a wound caused by friction when a body scrapes across a rough surface. An avulsion is characterized by a flap. How to administer first aid for puncture wounds. To take care of a puncture wound: Wash your hands. This helps avoid infection. Love this. Maybe have a first aid kit to suit babies, a first aid kit to suit children, and a first aid kit for adults.

Great ideas Reply to this comment. A wound is a type of injury which happens relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut, or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound).

In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp .

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