Domestic cleaning business plan sample

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Domestic cleaning business plan sample

This will pay me far in excess of what I was earning as a Senior Production Manager in the pottery industry. Growth in my Maid2Clean business has been maintained every single month and I see no reason why it should not continue to grow for the next few years, particularly as I shall be targeting the elderly where more and more people are requiring our services.

The Maid2Clean business concept really does work, the residual income means that I can take 3 or 4 holidays each year and the money keeps coming in, and the way that I manage the business means that the majority of my time is spent acquiring new customers, consequently this should lead to continued growth.

One piece of advice I would certainly give to any perspective Maid2Clean franchisee, is to listen to Elaine, she is very experienced in this field and whatever problem domestic cleaning business plan sample franchisee has they, will have had themselves, and I have always found them very willing to help.

My aim, in a couple of years time, is to rent an office and employ someone to manage it for me, enabling me to take semi-retirement. The only regret I have is that I did not do join Maid2Clean a few years earlier. Tony Ingles - Maid2Clean Peak: As the Maid2Clean system allows me to price extremely competitively, I find I always have a waiting list of customers.

I can't recommend Maid2Clean highly enough.

domestic cleaning business plan sample

We have both been amazed by the way things have taken off in our area even though Sheffield has a large number of cleaning agencies already. We are able to offer customers a very competitive alternative with Maid2Clean and this has been very successful.

We would not hesitate in highly recommending an opportunity of purchasing a franchise from Maid2Clean to anyone and friends of ours are considering this option.

All in all becoming part of the Maid2Clean group has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Karen Hawes - Maid2Clean Northampton: Having spent 12 years bringing up children, the prospect of returning to employment was not an attractive one. Over a period of 3 months, my husband and I looked at just about every franchise available in the UK as well as a few established business that were up for sale.

We quickly concluded that the Maid2Clean proposition was right for us. The prospect of flexible working hours with good, residual returns and a relatively low investment was particularly attractive.

I still have time to 'do lunch' with my friends while earning a respectable income. More importantly for me, my hourly rate is much higher than I could ever have hoped for in a 'proper job'!

Graeme Pirie - Maid2Clean Walcote: When I started looking for a domestic cleaning franchise I had the mindset "how hard can this be?

But like any other business there's a morass of little but important things that need to be in place - all of this was provided by Elaine, meaning all I had to do was get on with it! This is a people business, it's about organization, determination and people management. There's plenty ups and downs of course but there's a great team of franchisees who meet at the conferences and freely share their experiences with each other whenever possible.

Have I done the right thing? Stewart Ferris Maid2Clean York: I started in earnest with Maid2Clean about 14 months ago and have already built a client base of nearly Lessons are learnt every day, but the back up from Elaine and the other franchisees is excellent.

As with any business there are hassles, but these are balanced by watching the business grow on an almost daily basis. You get out of this what you put in to it, which means it grows faster if I work harder!

The Maid2Clean franchise was started in by Mike and Elaine Hanrahan following three successful pilot operations. In fact, Mike and Elaine have been running a domestic cleaning business sinceso they have 14 years' experience of the business.

It's a big advantage for their franchisees that the couple still have their own Maid2Clean business in South Manchester, because this means that they are ideally placed to help and advise their franchisees.

The development of the Maid2Clean franchise has been impressive. After barely four years they now have over 70 franchisees. In addition, they have two operations in Northern Ireland and another one in Southern Ireland, and they have just launched in Canada.

So how do you choose between them? I thought it would be helpful to readers looking for a domestic cleaning franchise to do a summary comparison of the cost of each franchise, what size of exclusive area you receive, how long the company has been established and the number of franchisees they have.

So here are the comparison figures, starting off with the cheapest franchise and ending up with the most expensive: The website states that the size of the area is ", population". It's important not to be misled by this figure because a population ofwill equate to a far smaller number of households.

What you're selling is a service to households and not to individual people, and that's why franchisors normally quote an area size in terms of households.Mar 08,  · So, you’re in the market to start a cleaning business?

You have the skills. There aren’t that many hurdles or license requirements compared to other operations. And you can get started fast and affordably. The thing is, you’re not quite sure what, exactly, is involved in starting a cleaning a /5(3).

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