Deserted places in michigan

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Deserted places in michigan

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No other city in the United States has undergone such a dramatic level of population decline, abandonment, and urban decay over the past few decades.

As many of the posts under the research section of this site convey, industry in America has toppled and left behind an amazing amount of abandoned and decaying architecture.

Detroit, the nation's most industrious city, reflects this in a unique way. The failing industry was met with, social, racial, and political tensions. Hundreds of thousands of people fled the city, and today the population is less than half of what it was in For a detailed analysis of Detroit's fall, visit this page.

Such a dramatic "un-densification" affected every realm of the city.

Deserted Places: Michigan Central Station: The most iconic abandoned building of Detroit

The middle and upper classes vanished in search of suburbs and other cities, leaving behind a massive lower class with no means to maintain a city that quickly became twice the built size it needed to be. Today, not only is nearly half of Detroit's square mile area vacant, beautiful architecture is left with no hope of use.

There is simply not enough demand to sustain the amount and character of architecture. The city is a case study for methods of dealing with shrinking cities.

Deserted places in michigan

The commonality that exists is the industrial based economy, the variable being the social adaptation to industrial decline. Detroit has fared worst in terms of this variable, and the photos here illustrate that.

Detroit The photo galleries below document examples of the size and scale of abandonment and decay in Detroit.

What Makes an Abandoned Haunted House so Scary?

These sites have been, or will be addressed in the " research " section of this site; continue reading there for more information, or continue on this page for dozens of photos.

The galleries will open in new windows, and are best enjoyed maximized on your screen.Lost In Michigan Calendars back in stock and ON SALE this weekend, Southwest of Lakeview I saw this old schoolhouse hidden in the trees.

I am not sure how I manage to come across these places unexpectedly, but I figure I should photograph them before they are lost to history.

From the Packard Automotive Plant to the Quincy Mine, these are the craziest abandoned places in Michigan.

Deserted places in michigan

From the Packard Automotive Plant to the Quincy Mine, these are the craziest abandoned. Well, behind the driveway and down the hill are actually natural prairie grass, so it's only the bits around the house and about 4 yards behind the driveway that need to be kept up.

Michigan - Highland Park Ford Plant (Historical) - Abandoned. Nankin Mills Tavern - Abandoned. Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital - Abandoned.

Sugarloaf Ski Resort Northern Michigan - Abandoned. The BMC Demo Pictures - Abandoned. The BMC in Plymouth, MI - Abandoned. Most Haunted Places in Michigan. 2. EHP Rating: Olivet College Olivet, Michigan Reed City, Michigan The historic inn is haunted by several apparitions.

The first is a ghostly face that has been staring into guests rooms from outside the inn, only to vanish when approached. A ghostly woman in white has been seen in the bar area of the. These Abandoned Places In Michigan Are Disturbing Yet Somehow Beautiful. No doubt, Detroit takes the trophy for urban abandonment.

Some 70, properties are vacant and in various states of decay.

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