Dell case analysis 1

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Dell case analysis 1

Data Sources. Our data included all pharmacy and medical claims from January 1, , to December 31, , under public fee-for-service family-planning insurance programs in Texas. Free Case Study Solution & Analysis | Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the strategic plan for Dell Inc. examining the degree of alignment between the organizations’s proposed published values and the leaders/managers treatment of internal stakeholders, the internal stakeholder’s . Dell Case Study Essay - The company that I chose to do my case analysis on is Dell computers. Many companies start out as very aggressive but get crashed either by its competitor or by poor strategic management.

Since this laptop was going to have to last me through at least four years of college, it needed to be able to take a beating. Additionally, I wanted some sort of dedicated graphics solution to be Windows Vista-ready, run engineering and CAD applications in college, and do a little light gaming.

I narrowed my selection down to three offerings: The IBM ThinkPad has long been legendary in the corporate world for its durable portability, excellent support, and strong management software suit.

The ThinkPad T60 was aimed more towards the road warrior. I, however, was not going to be traveling much with the laptop save for the occasional trek from the dorm to the library and back. That left me with the perennial value-king Dell. I configured the machine on the Dell Small Business website.

After having pulled the trigger, I realized that I did not select the option for the Bluetooth card. I called up Dell Small Business and asked them to add the card.

It was too late to modify my original order but the associate was very helpful. Though the sale price was no longer in effect for the new order, she let me Dell case analysis 1 the discount retroactively.

The wait times to speak to an agent were negligible definitely not the case with my past experiences with Dell Home and the agent herself was polite and helpful. First Impressions When I first uncased the D from its Styrofoam packaging, I was impressed by the solidness of its build.

The laptop was about as thin as I expected but it was a bit heavier than I thought it would be. At first glance, the notebook is not awe-inspiring but it is pleasing to the eye with an understated charcoal gray finish.

Dell Latitude D Review (pics, specs)

At first blush, a tastefully styled though by no means beautiful and well-built notebook. The whole underside and lid of the laptop feel like metal but, unfortunately, the wrist rests are plastic. Thus, there is some amount of flex when handling that area but by no means is the amount of flex disturbing.

The rest of the notebook, however, is very rigid. Dell Latitude D lid view large image Out of the box the screen hinges are quite stiff. In fact, to fully open the screen I have to hold down keyboard half of the notebook.

Obviously these hinges will deteriorate over time but they look to be well-made. The screen locks down with two clasps which are retracted by a latch. These are also metal but there is some play in these clasps when the notebook is open.

Some laptops these days like the MacBook have a closing mechanism which completely eschews these latches and clasps for a magnetic closure.

That would have been a nice if unessential feature to see in the D In this picture you can see the ambient light sensor on the screen that adjusts screen brightness automatically, screen hinge on the left view large image Another minor issue is with the amount of play in the WiFi catcher switch a nifty feature that allows me to detect WiFi networks without booting up more on this later.

Pictured above on the left side you can see the wi-fi catcher, the orange glowing light indicates no wireless access points have been found after pushing the catcher view large image The screen has a high degree of torsional rigidity thanks to the magnesium alloy panel backing it resulting in little flex and no screen distortion when twisting the screen frame.

When I apply pressure to the lid of the notebook no ripples appear, a common occurrence on poorer built machines. Another notable design feature of the D is the StrikeZone protection for the hard disk. In a drop situation, the StrikeZone acts as shock-proofing to minimize trauma to the disk drive and hopefully save your data.

Underside shot of the Dell Latitude D, the hard drive and stike zone can be found here view large image There is not much to say regarding the aesthetic design of the notebook. The D uses a charcoal and black motif that works well not to draw attention to itself in an academic or corporate environment.

The notebook is attractive but it is not going to win any design awards. It sports inoffensive aesthetics from an experienced manufacturer of corporate notebooks. Screen The screen is most likely the Achilles heel of the D, if it has one.

The screen is The trend in most consumer notebooks is towards the glossy screens which feature vivid colors and higher brightness for the benefit of gaming, movie-watching, and photo-viewing.

Most business machines, however, still come with the old-style matte screens which are more suited for office rather than multimedia tasks.

A cool feature is the automatic light-sensor which adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light conditions.Data Sources. Our data included all pharmacy and medical claims from January 1, , to December 31, , under public fee-for-service family-planning insurance programs in Texas.

Dell case analysis 1

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Case: Dell Inc. Question 1: What is your evaluation of Michael Dells performance in his roles as Dells CEO and%(3). MyService Monitor, plan, and take action on your Dell EMC environment health with real-time insights and visualized trending and analysis of your incidents, install base, health/risk, and onsite services.

Price-wise and size-wise, the Latitude D sits atop the thin-and-light 14" widescreen D and the budget oriented 14" standard-aspect D in the Latitude lineup. The D is an updated version.

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