Chinas position on disarmament position paper

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Chinas position on disarmament position paper

Peace and development remain the themes of the times, but uncertain and unstable elements are on the rise. We are faced with rare opportunities as well as grave challenges to realize enduring peace and common development of human society.

Against the backdrop of in-depth development of globalization and increasingly closer interdependence of states, global threats and challenges have become more diverse and interconnected. All threats, new or old, "soft" or "hard", direct or indirect, should be treated with equal seriousness and emphasis without partiality.

All countries should make concerted efforts to deepen understanding through contacts, enhance trust through dialogues, and promote cooperation through communications, so as to cope with threats and challenges, especially to eliminate their root causes, by collective action. The United Nations plays an indispensable role in international affairs.

As the most universal, representative, authoritative inter-governmental international organization, the UN is the best venue to practice multilateralism, and an effective platform for collective actions to cope with various threats and challenges.

Chinas position on disarmament position paper

It should continue to be a messenger for the maintenance of peace, and a forerunner for the promotion of development. A reformed UN with a bigger role to play will serve the common interests of humanity.

China is ready to work with all other parties to push for positive results of UN reforms and success of the summit in September.

China's General Position on Arms Control and Disarmament

China maintains that UN reforms should observe the following principles: Especially, reforms should aim at reversing the trend of "UN giving priority to security over development" by increasing inputs in the field of development and facilitating the realization of the Millennium Development Goals MDGs.

Reforms should be based on democratic and thorough consultations and the most broadly-based consensus. For those proposals on which consensus has been reached, decision may be made promptly for their implementation; for important issues where division still exists, prudence, continued consultations and consensus-building are called for.

It is undesirable to set a time limit or force a decision. Development Issues Development is the common pursuit of people from all countries and bedrock for a collective security mechanism and the progress of human civilization.

Poverty, diseases, environmental degradation are also grave challenges to the international community. Serious attention must be given to the needs of developing countries, with a view to achieving coordinated, balanced and universal development around the world.

Poverty - To eliminate poverty, an urgent priority is to facilitate the implementation of the MDGs. This should become the focus of UN reforms and the September summit. The international community should provide necessary assistance to support these efforts.

The developed world should help the developing countries in this regard. Environmental Issues - China stands for a scientific concept of development encompassing, inter alia, incorporating sustainable development and environmental protection into national development strategy and coordinating relations between economic, social development and environmental protection.

Developed countries ought to honour their commitments through technological transfer and provision of financial support aimed at capacity-building of developing countries. The international community should give serious consideration to the immediate needs and challenges of countries when formulating policies on energy, climate change and other related issues.

Position Paper Clarifies China's Stance on UN Security Council Reform

Obligations for provided for in the Kyoto Protocol, including reduction in emission of greenhouse gases, transfer of know-how to developing countries, financial support and assistance in areas such as capacity-building should be fulfilled in real earnest.

Meanwhile, the international community may explore a more pragmatic and flexible mechanism, promote international technical cooperation and enhance international capacity to cope with climate change.

China is open to related recommendations aimed at achieving the afore-mentioned goals.Position Paper Committee :Disarmament and International Security Committee Country :Afghanistan Delegates:龔信宇 Topic A :Prevention of an arms race in outer space.

Outer space, the last frontier to be explored by mankind, is yet a great mystery. Position Paper submitted by Chinese Delegation at the Sixth Biennial Meeting of States to Consider Implementation of progress in disarmament, regional turmoil and the uneven.

Position Paper Committee :Disarmament and International Security Committee Country :Afghanistan Delegates:龔信宇 Topic A :Prevention of an arms race in outer space. Outer space, the last frontier to be explored by mankind, is yet a great mystery.

V. Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation 1. China has consistently placed importance on and suppported international arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation efforts, and stood for complete prohibition and thorough destruction of all weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

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Position Paper of the People's Republic of China on the United Nations Reforms