Assignement 2 mcom213 1

ViolenceLogicAggression Pages: It has been affirmed that parents undermines the impact of television on their children, and its violent effect on their behavior towards each other on the one hand, and towards their parents on the other hand.

Assignement 2 mcom213 1

I saved this new map as Assignment2 and edited the metadata in the document properties under file, map document properties. In the pop up window, I entered the file path, created a title, summary and path description for the new map.

I typed in my name under the author information and checked the box at the bottom of the window in order to store the relative path name to the data sources.

I then clicked on the add data and added a basemap from the options available under the dropdown. I did this twice. I created a basemap for two data frames, New Mexico and the United States. In order to generate a new data frame I selected Insert in the main toolbar and then data frame.

I did this twice and then dragged and dropped my two basemaps the frames, one in each. Next I added the data under the Add Data button, slecting Add Data and navigating to the county data and pan evaporation data I had saved on my thumbdrive. I ordered this data under the New Mexico map with the county data ordered below the pan evaporation data.

To edit the symbology, I right clicked on the pan evaporation layer and navigated to the symbology tab. I selected the class size to be 4 and right clicked on the label category to change decimal places to zero.

Back in symbol selector I searched for evaporation symbols, selected one and changed the color. Next I added the data labels. I then selected apply. In order to manipulate the labels, I converted them to annotations by right clicking on the pan evaporation data and selecting Convert Labels to Annotation.

I then selected the convert box. Once this was complete I was able to move and locate the labels individually. I sized my map by editing the data frame extent. I right clicked in layers, selected data frame and in the dropdown picked fixed extent and specify extent.

Assignement 2 mcom213 1

I was then able to customize the window size. I did the same thing for the United States layer and switched back to the layout view.

Assignement 2 mcom213 1

From here I entered a legend for the New Mexico map by first selecting the data frame and then insert, legend from the toolbar. I edited the Legend properties in the pop up window. I created two scales, first by selecting the appropriate data frame, then insert and scale bar. I selected two for each map in order to show distances in miles and kilometers.

I created the highlighted area for New Mexico in the United States map by selecting the United States data frame, extent indicators and moving the New Mexico map over to the show extent indicator for these data frames side of the pop up and checking the use simple extent box.

I used the insert Title function to create the CE title box. I selected the rectangle text box in the draw toolbar to create additional text below the title block.

I created the annual evaporation by station graph by selecting View, graphs, creat graph in the toolbar. I hid the legend and rotated the text on the X-Axis by editing the axis properties.

I selected add to layout when it was finished. The last thing I did was to add a Neatline to create a border and background for te map. In the toolbar I selected insert, then neatline. Checked Place inside margins, selected the background color and double border.

In file, Print and page setup, I set the Orientation to landscape and checked use printer paper settings in order to complete the final sizing. I saved the completed map as Assignment2, exported the map as a. I then opened FTP and transferred all the files over, updated the link on my webpage and published it the new homepage linking to this document.Assignment Instructions: Use information from the textbook and the internet to research the evolutionary and catastrophe theories for the origins of the Solar System.

What is the evidence for the evolutionary theory? / -- I'll write free-form comments when assessing students. View Homework Help - assignement 2_1 from ACCT at DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management. Starbucks 10k Starbucks Ks Item 7 Managements discussion and Analysis of Financial80%(5).

30 Chapter 2 Assignments 2 b. 0 5 2x2 1 9x 1 10 c. 0 5 x 2 2 3x 1 5 3. Write a quadratic equation in standard form with the given roots. a. Write a quadratic equation with a double root of b. Write a quadratic equation with a root of 23 1 2i.

Lesson Assignment page 2. 2. To know and asses its profitability and growth prospects Financial statement analysis helps in assessing and predicting the earning prospects and growth rates in earning which are used by investors while comparing investment alternatives and other users in judging earning potential of business enterprise.

View Homework Help - Assignment 2 (2) from TCM at Missouri State University, Springfield. TCM Homework 2 Template Due Friday September 2nd at PM 10 Points Student Name: Steven. The form with from performs step (1) once, and then performs step (2) repeatedly. To understand how step (1) occurs, one must first understand how Python handles hierarchical naming of modules.

To help organize modules and provide a hierarchy in naming, Python has a concept of packages.

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