Art a rendezvous of myth and

In the case of myth we can clearly distinguish at least two usages: A cursory glance at such myths amply demonstrates the radically divergent precepts around them. From this diversity it is obvious that the question is going to crop up whether all of the phenomena subsumed under myth should be lumped together as being part of one concept and whether myth is the best word to express this concept.

Art a rendezvous of myth and

Highway 90, the more interesting alternative to Interstate 10 for those heading west.

3 Days in the Field: Rock Art Rendezvous in Del Rio|March | TPW magazine

The San Antonio-based nonprofit foundation of about members maintains relations with private ranchers to encourage rock art stewardship and provide public access to archeological sites. The foundation leads regular tours to about 10 sites, all on private land, including the marvelous Galloway White Shaman Preserve.

Art a rendezvous of myth and

It also serves as the volunteer friends group for Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site, leading tours to several outstanding archeological sites in the park, including the Fate Bell Shelter. In this panoramic shot, the U. Highway 90 bridge spans the Pecos River near its confluence with the Rio Grande, an area rich in rock art.

On a crisp October morning, we file down a rocky path into Seminole Canyon, our first tour of the trip. With me is my daughter Roma Bard, a college history major with a keen interest in prehistoric art, sparked in part by her fascination with French rock art sites like Chauvet Cave, with its beautiful images of galloping horses.

The day is stunningly fresh and sublime: Rain the week before has left the desert landscape green and blooming. As our troupe of 15 or so gathers down in the canyon around park Superintendent Randy Rosales, clear water pools on the flat limestone next to us, trickling down toward the Rio Grande, just a mile or two away.

Water in the desert -— the source of life and the reason prehistoric tribes gathered here for shelter in an arid land. Rosales tells us the story of the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts, descendants of African American slaves, named for their connection with the native Seminoles in Florida.

They later fled to Mexico to escape persecution before returning to serve as U. Filing into the Fate Bell Shelter, we see a multitude of pictographs painted on walls under the overhanging cliff, including human figures with arms raised like flying birds.

Thousands of visitors and scholars have puzzled over their meanings. The tour moves into the main living area where ancient people prepared meals around cook fires. The fibrous remains of woven materials and cooking materials are still there, lying around on the ground, preserved in the dry air for centuries.

Francois Gohier tells us he volunteered to document the caves at Lascaux as a college student in the late s. He now lives in California and, like us, is here for the Rendezvous.

Later, Roma and I take time for a little side visit with Carolyn Boyd, a fine art painter turned archeologist, who founded the Shumla School in Comstock in The Shumla Scholars Program engages young Comstock students in hands-on learning, like mapping the Comstock cemetery using 3D imagery.

At the time of our visit, Boyd was hard at work on a new book about the White Shaman site, inspired in part by a breakthrough visit by a Huichol shaman from Mexico in He confirmed what I had been suspecting, that the White Shaman images depict not the peyote hunt ritual, but the myth that informs the ritual, the creation story.

As we enter the steep side canyon, brilliant sun sparkles on the Pecos River below, and the Highway 90 bridge spans the river elegantly in the distance. I am reminded of something Boyd had observed. We arrive in late afternoon, and though the light is not best for viewing the piece, we are nonetheless entranced and take turns snapping photos of the complex swirl of images, including the pale human figure with upraised arms — the White Shaman.

That night, we share a campfire at the White Shaman preserve, a treat for Rendezvous weekenders who get to camp there. Rising early, we meet the Rendezvous caravan in Dryden, west of Comstock.

Ranch owner Thad Steele of El Paso greets us at his headquarters compound.

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Our group walks up to the spring, and the scene changes from arid desert to green oasis. Water from the spring flows down a small canyon, and on the other side of the stream we see a foot cliff covered with rock art. This fascinating private site, accessible only through Rock Art Foundation tours, has both year-old historic rock art by Comanches and Apaches and older Pecos River-style art dating back 2, to 4, years.

The later art shows horses, clearly marking it from the era after the Spanish arrival, and in places this is painted right over the ancient art, like historical vandalism.

After lunch we visit the restored stone structure and linger inside, hearing more lore of the Seminole scouts. He tells us that hunting helps sustain the ranch enterprise. The pristine river is fed by numerous crystal-clear springs.

Several of these are located at the state natural area, which provides visitors the chance to enjoy a truly peaceful wilderness river experience. The permit gives paddlers access to both Del Norte and the newer Big Satan Unit, which is in the process of planning and development for increased public use in the future.A.p.s Moho Association is pleased to announce the official opening of the Yicca contest.

The contest is the natural continuation of Yicca contest, where the great success with over participants has prompted the association to expand its relations and cooperation with . The myth begins with an apparition at Joe’s burial in London and then a rendezvous in St.

Carthage’s Cemetery, Lismore.

Art a rendezvous of myth and

The book has 48 illustrations by the author/artist Gerard Taylor. These illustrations enhance a poignant insight into the lives, loves, laughter and tears of his Irish ancestors. 'A Rendezvous in Averoigne' was published in Weird Tales in and was part of a series of stories which Ashton Smith set in a mythical country based on twelfth century French and Provencal culture but one where magic, sorcery and devilry are very real and taken at face value/5.

But film remains the flagship program of Rendezvous With Madness, officially kicking off Oct. 10 with The Song and The Sorrow, directed by Millefiore Clarkes about Canadian songwriter Gene MacLellan.

Christensen has been designated as a “Utah Art Treasure,” one of Utah’s Top Artists by the Springville Museum of Art and received the Governor’s Award for Art awarded by the Utah Arts Council recognizing the significance of Christensen’s artwork to Utah’s cultural communities.


It is the latter that the Twelve Artist Myths focuses on.. In the post-modern culture we now find ourselves in, the circle of all creative professions ., a rendezvous with art