An analysis of the green belt of rain forests

More Essay Examples on Agriculture Rubric Maathai discovered that people in her homeland were suffering from malnutrition, lack of water for hydration, andlack of trees for firewood which is used for cooking. The Green Belt Movement is a responsible movement that took accountability for the effects of deforestation on Kenya. Although this movement was developed in an effort plant enough trees for the area and raise awareness regarding tropical deforestation, Dr.

An analysis of the green belt of rain forests

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Green belt being 'gobbled up' by unaffordable homes

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The following will be a description of the rain forest, factors in its destruction, and if there are any answers to slow or halt the process. There are two major areas on earth where rain forests are located.

Things A Green Belt Should Know

In Africa, the rain forests are primarily located around the Zaire river. The New World tropics are in lower altitudes as opposed to the Old World tropics, which are at higher altitudes.

Rain forests are located around the equator. This location of the rain forests makes them warm and humid all year round. There are never cold winters in the rain forests. During winter in the rain forests, people comfortably are able to wear T-shirts and shorts.

The rain forest has a rainy season which usually lasts most of the year. There are many beautiful creatures living in our Earth's rain forests. Many people are ignorant to the effects of rain forest depletion on our environment, and this ignorance is a major cause in the beginning of the destruction of the rain forests.

Another cause in the destruction of the rain forest is people's values. Recently in Borneo's Sarawak rain forest, 24 cavers and scientists are braving the rain forests elements and creatures to save the regions natural riches.

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The cavers and scientists are trying to find plant and animal life diverse enough to protect it from mining and to declare it a national park.

Many governments see no reason to protect the rainforest unless there is an important plant or creature that lives in it.

An analysis of the green belt of rain forests

Some of the possible results in the future if the depletion does not stop immediately are global warming and increasing ultra violet radiation as the ozone layer of the atmosphere thins. The depletion of tropical species effects much of the biodiversityof rain forests, which is the variety of living things.

Green Belt

Trying to repair the damage would be like trying to put a band aid over a gaping wound. If the destruction would stop now life on Earth would be much more prolonged. If every person in the world knew about the rain forest being destroyed and the future effects, destruction would not be tolerated.

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Tropical Rain Forests Earths Green Belt Article #1: Tropical Rain Forests: Earth’s Green Belt Left in peace, rain forests would ring the Equator with vegetation wherever days are hot and precipitation is high. Russia has an enormous land area, the largest landmass on Earth, and a lot of it is forests.

When we talk about deforestation, we’re used to hearing about places like Brazil, Indonesia, Congo and so on, e.g. tropical deforestation. But we are less used to hearing about Russia in this context. But in fact, Russia has a massive deforestation problem.

Aug 06,  · Analysis by the CPRE shows that 72% of homes built on the green belt last year were not classed as affordable, and that 78% of the , properties in the Author: Sky News.

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Wet tropical forests are the most species-rich biome, and tropical forests in the Americas are consistently more species rich than the wet forests in Africa and Asia. As the largest tract of tropical rainforest in the Americas, the Amazonian rainforests have unparalleled biodiversity.

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