Among school children to the lighthouse

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Among school children to the lighthouse

Original lighthouse with bird-cage-style lantern room Photograph courtesy U. Coast Guard Blessed with a deep harbor protected from the Atlantic by a lengthy neck of land, the Town of Marblehead began as a fishing village but later developed significant foreign trade.

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The little house had two rooms and a kitchen on the first floor and two bed chambers on the upper floor. Inside its octagonal lantern, the original brick tower had ten lamps fueled by whale oil that produced a fixed white light fifty feet above mean high water.

The light was first exhibited on October 10, He is a man of small stature, but of a wiry and well-knit frame, showing that when in his prime he must have been capable of great endurance. In the duty appertaining to this position he has often distinguished himself.

For this act he received a medal from the Humane Society.

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There are few men among us who can show a finer record of gallant deeds than Captain Darling. Ina sixth-order Fresnel lens replaced the oil lamps and reflectors.

When ina nearly blind, almost seventy-year-old Darling was forced to retire following a quarter century of service, Jane Martin of Marblehead was appointed keeper.

John Goodwin followed Martin inremaining ten years at the station. Original lighthouse with updated lantern room Photograph courtesy National Archives Despite repeated repairs, under the tenure of Keeper James S.

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Bailey must have been pleased with the new, far larger, two-story, wood-frame house when his family occupied it in A Boston Globe article from attributed the rescues of seventeen people near the light station to Keeper Bailey.

Once Bailey saved six men as they clung to the rigging of their schooner during a winter gale, injuring himself in the process when his own boat was thrown by the violent waves. He managed to bring the men to the lighthouse, where he cared for them for several days.

On another occasion, Bailey spied a boat in trouble in the harbor. By the time he launched his dory and rowed out to it, one of its occupants was already in the water. Bailey stated that he did not want and would not accept money for saving a life: On July 10,an auxiliary light was first exhibited from a foot mast erected near the lighthouse, and not long thereafter a lighting conductor was installed to protect the mast.

Drayton, a former lightship sailor, took over as keeper in Hoisting the lantern up the mast was probably not one of his favorite jobs, because just as it was raised into position the light would frequently go out.

Drayton and his wife raised eight children at Marblehead Lighthouse during their thirty-five years at the station. One son, Lawrence, went on to become keeper at Plymouth Lighthouse. Drayton felt another birth coming five of her children were born at the lighthouseshe would tell the older children on their way to school to inform the doctor, who would make his way to the station by horse and buggy.

But during the winter there were no other children. We had no electricity, just kerosene lights.

Among school children to the lighthouse

There were four bedrooms and a bath upstairs and downstairs was the kitchen, dining room, and living room.Washington STEM Lighthouse Schools provide technical assistance and advice to other schools and communities in the initial stages of creating a learning environment focused on STEM.

The Lighthouse Private School in Rockwall, Texas strives to build a strong, early educational foundation among its students. It gives opportunities where children can develop their talents, discover personal qualities, and learn through $ per week. The Little Lighthouse Foundation’s 4th Annual Children’s Halloween Party took place on Hundreds of children from LLF’s Partner Facilities including Chapman Partnership, Lotus House, Overtown Youth Center, Carrfour Supportive Housing among others, were given costumes and bussed out for the event.

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