American government commentary paper

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American government commentary paper

ANY examination of the genesis of the Morgenthau 'Story,' must begin by focusing on a letter the Ambassador addressed to his friend and confidant, United States President Woodrow Wilson, on November 26, For it is in this previously unpublished letter that Morgenthau set forth both his idea of writing a book, and his aims and objectives in desiring to do so.

He combined his concept with an appeal for the President's 'blessing' as it were for his proposal. Given the fact that his sole aim was fostering public support for American government commentary paper United States war effort by writing a work of anti-German, anti Turkish propaganda which would "win a victory for the war policy of the government," he not surprisingly received it.

He couched his idea to Wilson in the following terms: Greatly discouraged at the amount of outright opposition and the tremendous indifference to the war, as well as by the lack of enthusiasm among the mass of those who are supporting the war I am considering writing a book in which I would lay bare, not only Germany's permeation of Turkey and the Balkans, but that system as it appears in every country of the world.

For in Turkey we see the evil spirit of Germany at its worst - culminating at last in the greatest crime of all ages, the horrible massacre of helpless Armenians and Syrians. This particular detail of the story and Germany's abettance of the same, I feel positive will appeal to the mass of Americans in small towns and country districts as no other aspect of the war could, and convince them of the necessity of carrying the war to a victorious conclusion We must win a victory for the war policy of the government and every legitimate step or means should be utilised to accomplish it.

American government commentary paper

Within a year of the date of Morgenthau's letter to Wilson, Ambassador Morgenthau's Story, as the work he proposed was eventually titled, had been written; serialised in monthly installments in one of America's best-known magazines, The World's Work circulation: After initial excitement, and the writing of a basic film treatment,7 Morgenthau's enthusiasm for a career in the movies cooled following receipt of a second letter from President Wilson which expressed his disapproval in no uncertain terms.

Personally I believe that we have gone quite far enough in that direction. It is not merely a matter of taste, -I would not like in matters of this sort to trust my taste; but it is also partly a matter of principle There is nothing practical that we can do for the time being in the matter of the Armenian massacres, for example, and the attitude of the c?

It does not need enhancement. It would be somewhat surprising to find the President of the United States of America and an ex-Ambassador communicating on a topic of this nature. But, this was wartime and, as the Morgenthau-Wilson correspondence illustrates, from its inception, Ambassador Morgenthau's Story was conceived as an integral part of 'President Wilson's Story' as well.

It was a desire to increase support for Wilson's war effort which prompted Morgenthau to write an anti-German, anti Turkish work, which would convince the American public of the "necessity of carrying the war to a victorious conclusion,"11 In other words, as envisaged by Morgenthau, his 'story' was intended as wartime propaganda, i.

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It is against this background that we must attempt to examine how and by whom the book was actually written, as well as the larger questions concerning the accuracy or lack thereof of the 'story' it purports to tell.

Housed in the Library's 'Manuscript Division; under the title 'The Papers of Henry Morgenthau; they consist of approximately 30, items which are made available to researchers in the form of a set of 41 reels of microfilm. In the present study references to materials in this collection will be given in the following format: In the case of the present document, the citation is LC: Beginning in its Apnl, edition with an article by Burton J.

American government commentary paper

To Professor Robert J. Rusnak's doctoral dissertation was devoted to a study of this journal and its impact. This collection, comprising some linear feet, is divided into eleven series, of which Series nos. In this series we find a typed transcript of all correspondence between Ambassador Morgenthau and his son."The best commentary on the principles of government which was ever written." and how the Federal system of American government works.

Whether you are American or not you should read these Papers. The wisdom of America's Founding Fathers was not for their time, or only for America: It is for ALL TIME, and EVERYONE/5(K). The federal tax treatment of charitable giving and the nonprofit sector is at an inflection point.

Following enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in , the number of taxpayers who will claim a charitable deduction will decline substantially. OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM - THE WAR ON TERRORISM For info on America's War on Terrorism, 9/11, and the Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, please visit my War on Terrorism page..


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Government. Yes, American Government Is Too Open. Bruce E. Cain; Article first published online: 1 MAR DOI: /gove Is American government too open? The short answer is yes in many instances.

This commentary, and a related commentary in this issue by Charles Lewis, was prepared for a debate on governmental openness that .

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(STORY BEHIND MORGENTHAU) Tall Armenian Tale: The Other Side of the Falsified Genocide